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Our Value Added Services

Our Guests enjoy at least one long walk, plenty of group-play, feeding, medication (if needed), one-on-one attention, potty-breaks throughout the day – including early morning and late night, and constant access to water.

Daily Walks
Daily walks and supervised group play-time are just part of the routine here – no extra charges for these basic dog-needs.
Your dog needs some medication? No problem. We don’t charge extra for administering basic medication (pills, ointments…)
How Much?
Calculating how much it will cost for your dog to stay at CasaCanine is easy. We charge per night – no extra fees for the day you pick up your furry friend.
Compare our rates and services to other kennels and you’ll see… our services are top-notch and our rates are competitive.

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We would like to know as much as possible about your dog during the booking process so that we can be ready for his/her visit.

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